MaxGxl Update! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

I am glad to share this exciting Max Intl update during the recent Fly-In Conference attended by my upline: Jillyn Haymore with the gnawing  and everybody’s question:

Are Any Companies Growing in this DOWN economy?

Last Monday I was privileged to attend the Max International Fly-In and I would like to now report to you what I discovered. We heard from the Owners/Founders, CEO, President, Vice-Presidents and Management teams. Here are my notes and important highlights:

1. Max International State of the Union by the CEO, Peter Nordberg:
Max GREW in this down economy. Max International is only 35 months old.
Here are last years statistics:
Units of Max GXL shipped increased by 30%
Units of Max N-FUZE shipped increased by 57%
Units of Max GXL Intro Packs shipped increased by 144%
Revenue increased by 30%
Retail Sales increased by 70%

2. In all of Network Marketing History there has only been 68 companies that ever made $100 Million dollars in one year.  44 of those companies were in the United States . Max will be the 45th company to make $100 Million dollars in one year, this year in 2010!!!

3. We are working towards being a Legacy company. Peter (CEO) wants to be able to have his small children work for Max when they are older.

4. We have 23 more patents for the next decade and we are taking no short cuts in the market place.

5. Max will be introducing TWO significant products to be released this year and possibly THREE. Then Steve told us about one of the new products that they plan to release this year. He said we will launch the most demonstrative product in the MLM industry. You will feel this in 2 minutes. In a study of 50 people they all could tell a difference within 2 minutes.  Steve then said that if you liked what you have seen so far with Max International, “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!”

6. Australia and New Zealand markets are scheduled to open the last week of February, with possibly Two more markets in Two more countries opening also this year.

7. Peter (CEO) said this is the perfect time to get involved with Max International because we are not geared towards window cleaners etc, but we are SCIENCE based.

8. Greg (Owner/Founder) said that “2010 is the year that this organization goes into momentum.”

9. Dave Bagley (VP) said that we don’t do paid endorsements because we have a product that really does works so why would we have to pay someone to say that they work. Just watch the MaxGXL-TV videos and watch the testimonials from famous people at ,under opportunity at the top click on MaxGXL –TV then click on CLICK HERE TO SEE EPISODES NOW.

10. Dave (VP) said that a university recently did a study with 24-30 year olds. After drinking two Red Bulls their blood was tested and their blood was found to be as sticky as someone with HEART DISEASE! (That is really BAD! That is dangerous energy.)

11. Steve (Owner/Founder) MaxGXL gets critical nutrients into the cell so your body has what it needs in the proportions it needs. Max GXL increases Glutathione in our bodies. It is a 100 sequential step process to create Glutathione in our bodies. This is why MaxGXL is such an amazing product because it is proven to give us critical nutrients into the cell so our body has the proper proportions it needs to perform this 100 sequential step process.

12. Glutathione’s purpose is
A. Defend the cells
B. Energize with real natural energy
C. Purify the cells & Body

13. For ANY antioxidant to work it takes Glutathione. Red blood cells cannot do their job carrying oxygen to the cells if those red blood cells don’t have Glutathione. Glutathione(GSH) is also the best way to rid the body of Heavy Metals.

14. Glutathione is our body’s first line of defense. Any Exercise, illness, stress, lack of sleep, injury, and our body first turns to use whatever Glutathione we have to help us.

15. Bob (VP) told us that in a large national Doctors symposium in Las Vegas , Dr. Keller challenged all the doctors to find one disease that won’t have benefits by increasing the Glutathione.

16. Steve (Owner/Founder) said Max International will only bring out products that meet THREE criteria.

These criteria that the products must have are:
A. Breakthrough effect
B. Science based NOT hyped.
C. Demonstrable must be able to tell a difference.

Max International is truly the Science Based company in the marketplace today. These products actually help people. They are proven before they ever come out. Because these products really do make a difference in people’s lives,  Max is a great business opportunity.  But in such a down economy as we have now, Max is truly the BEST BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY I have seen anywhere now. I felt honored to be able to spend the day with the Owners/Founders, CEO, President, and management team of Max International.

If you are interested in knowing about any of the products or you have questions about the business please feel free to contact me.  I would be glad to help you.

Julio Romero
Max Intl, USA Independent Associate

Networking to the Max!
skype: julius.romero2


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